I'm very passionate about my work: Sound is my life.

Whether working on a small short film or a major movie production I always give my best.

My skills and soul work in service of your project.

Sound Assistant

I run the general maintenance of the sound department in a confident but humble way

PSC Recordist

I own and operate a professional audio kit that can be expanded for your project upon request.

Coupling this kit with my experience makes me a very reliable sound recordist.


I'm a PSC sound recordist / 2nd AS based in Edinburgh with the ability to work as local hire in Madrid (Spain).
After finishing a Bachelors Degree (Hons) in Recording Arts at SAE Institute Madrid in 2009, I moved to London and studied a course in Advanced Mixing and Studio Techniques at the London School of Sound.
In 2011 I graduated at the Glasgow School of Art after completing a Mdes in Sound for the Moving Image.


I've been working as a freelance sound recordist for factual TV, obs. documentaries, corporate videos & drama projects since 2009.
During my professional career, I've worked in a wide range of countries and different environments.
I've worked for most of the biggest broadcast channels (BBC, Ch.4, ABC, Discovery, History, etc.)
I consider myself a team player who's always willing to go the extra mile.


Kit List

Sound Devices 664 (12 channel mixer with TC)

Sennheiser Mkh-416 shotgun microphone

Neumann KRM-81 shotgun microphone

Neumann KM-185 Hypercardioid microphone

Audio Wireless AWT radio mics

Audio LTD EN2 Camera link

Sanken Cos-11 & Countryman B3 lavaliers

3x Sennheiser IEM's (Director/Script supervisor's headphones)

Mozegear TIG & Tentacle TC boxes

PSC Medium carbon fibre pole

16' Panamic carbon fibre pole